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Permablitz Jogja #1: The Next Three Days


Our first Permablitz prolonged through the weekdays and due to our busy schedule, we only could manage to start working in the garden after 2 PM. Not to mention in the changing weather. This become a three days of work instead of one. We learned a lot from this experiences and had more evaluation on time efficiency which Permablitz could only do a maximum of two days of work in a weekend. Despite all things, we all had a great time gathering together and in the end a ready-to-plant eatable garden 😀

Each day summary is as follow: Continue reading Permablitz Jogja #1: The Next Three Days

Permablitz Jogja #1: Astrid’s Garden – 10th February 2013


ASTRID’S GARDEN, 10th February 2013, Nitiprayan

MISSION: To establish an edible garden in the front yard and making compost pile at the back yard. To create a sustainable design based on permaculture principles. To gather people in working the garden together. To learn together in making beds, compost and garden related. To have a feast on Chinese New Year and finish all the cakes. To have the fun in the garden and in the kitchen (for kitchen team).

CHALLENGES: Sandy texture of land, rocky even. Inexperience and a lot of improvisation along the way (obviously, this is our first time). Continue reading Permablitz Jogja #1: Astrid’s Garden – 10th February 2013

Permablitz Jogja #1: The Genesis


Ini adalah kebun Astrid. Kebun ini terletak di  daerah selatan Jogjakarta, dalam wilayah perkampungan Nitiprayan.

Astrid masih mengontrak rumahnya tetapi karena ketertarikannya dalam isu-isu berkebun tengah berkembang, ia ingin membuat kebunnya sendiri. Sebuah lahan dimana ia akan menanam sayurnya sendiri, bumbu dan rempah-rempah. Ia senang memasak dan ketika ia bisa memetik langsung cabe dari kebun sendiri adalah sesuatu yang sangat menyenangkan. Ia tidak suka membuang sisa makanan/sisa sampah dapur dengan sia-sia dan merasa harus mulai membuat komposnya sendiri.

Persoalannya ia tidak tahu harus mulai darimana. Continue reading Permablitz Jogja #1: The Genesis