Permablitz Jogja #3: Kebun Rani (II)

after the blitz: kebun depan Rani. Photo: Rita Dharani

Di tengah sumpeknya kekuasaan yang terlalu maskulin, yang merajai setiap sudut kehidupan sehari-hari kita sekarang, ditambah pekerjaan harian saya yang selalu berhubungan banyak dengan dunia laki-laki, aktivitas berkebun seperti menyuburkan energi feminitas yang memberi keyakinan pada masa depan.

Kalau bukan karena “arisan berkebun” Permablitz Jogja dan semangat gotong royong, susah dibayangkan dalam sekejap saya punya kebun masif yang siap tanam. Buat kami, berkebun pangan tidak melulu bicara soal isu lingkungan, gaya hidup organik, kembali ke alam, konsep hijau, eksotisme bertani atau sok enviromentalist. Continue reading Permablitz Jogja #3: Kebun Rani (II)

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A reflections of a home garden from our great friends living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Pohon Bintang

Sustainability is the capacity to survive. Sustainability is a long -term process of maintenance of dedication and responsibility that has environmental, economic, social measure and surround of ethics on responsible planning and management of resources. It needs individual and community as a whole to be independent and passionate to give dedication, commitment, consistency& responsibility towards building a sustainable future.

For us, growing our own food, gardening and eco green living is not about lifestyle but it’s a way of life. Its not for poseur such as following the current popular global trend or because it’s a popular subject people talked about, or its cool to grow and eat organic, or becoming hip trend when consuming more eco-green product, hybrid cars, foldable bikes etc.

Why we grow our own food is because it’s beyond what consumerism or our current system can offer. It’s about self-govern and spirit of DIY. Its about…

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Permablitz Jogja #2: Rumah Jeblog

Our 2nd ever Permablitz is just 3 days away!

This blitz is being held in the backyard of Paul’s house, one of Permablitz Jogja’s co-ordinators and Permaculture Designers from Australia who lives in the area of ‘Jeblog’ village on Jalan Nitiprayan.

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, Jeblog is not a place where retired Jedi knights gather and write blogs on intergalactic adventures fueled by sugar palm bio-fuel…


Jeblog is about 10 minutes south-west of the city in Jogjakarta, an area that still retains a lot of rice paddy’s and traditional Javanese village living. Continue reading Permablitz Jogja #2: Rumah Jeblog

Permablitz Jogja #1: The Next Three Days


Our first Permablitz prolonged through the weekdays and due to our busy schedule, we only could manage to start working in the garden after 2 PM. Not to mention in the changing weather. This become a three days of work instead of one. We learned a lot from this experiences and had more evaluation on time efficiency which Permablitz could only do a maximum of two days of work in a weekend. Despite all things, we all had a great time gathering together and in the end a ready-to-plant eatable garden 😀

Each day summary is as follow: Continue reading Permablitz Jogja #1: The Next Three Days

Permablitz Jogja #1: Astrid’s Garden – 10th February 2013


ASTRID’S GARDEN, 10th February 2013, Nitiprayan

MISSION: To establish an edible garden in the front yard and making compost pile at the back yard. To create a sustainable design based on permaculture principles. To gather people in working the garden together. To learn together in making beds, compost and garden related. To have a feast on Chinese New Year and finish all the cakes. To have the fun in the garden and in the kitchen (for kitchen team).

CHALLENGES: Sandy texture of land, rocky even. Inexperience and a lot of improvisation along the way (obviously, this is our first time). Continue reading Permablitz Jogja #1: Astrid’s Garden – 10th February 2013

Permablitz Jogja #1: The Genesis


Ini adalah kebun Astrid. Kebun ini terletak di  daerah selatan Jogjakarta, dalam wilayah perkampungan Nitiprayan.

Astrid masih mengontrak rumahnya tetapi karena ketertarikannya dalam isu-isu berkebun tengah berkembang, ia ingin membuat kebunnya sendiri. Sebuah lahan dimana ia akan menanam sayurnya sendiri, bumbu dan rempah-rempah. Ia senang memasak dan ketika ia bisa memetik langsung cabe dari kebun sendiri adalah sesuatu yang sangat menyenangkan. Ia tidak suka membuang sisa makanan/sisa sampah dapur dengan sia-sia dan merasa harus mulai membuat komposnya sendiri.

Persoalannya ia tidak tahu harus mulai darimana. Continue reading Permablitz Jogja #1: The Genesis