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Permablitz Jogja

In early 2013 a few friends in Jogjakarta were hanging out at ‘Bumi Langit’ permaculture institute hatching a way to integrate permaculture into the urban Indonesian landscape of Yogyakarta – inspired by a visit a few weeks earlier by the founder of the Permablitz movement, they decided to initiate this grass-roots ‘Permablitz Jogja’ urban farming project.

Permablitz Jogja #2: Rumah Jeblog

Our 2nd ever Permablitz is just 3 days away!

This blitz is being held in the backyard of Paul’s house, one of Permablitz Jogja’s co-ordinators and Permaculture Designers from Australia who lives in the area of ‘Jeblog’ village on Jalan Nitiprayan.

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, Jeblog is not a place where retired Jedi knights gather and write blogs on intergalactic adventures fueled by sugar palm bio-fuel…


Jeblog is about 10 minutes south-west of the city in Jogjakarta, an area that still retains a lot of rice paddy’s and traditional Javanese village living. Continue reading Permablitz Jogja #2: Rumah Jeblog