A reflections of a home garden from our great friends living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Pohon Bintang

Sustainability is the capacity to survive. Sustainability is a long -term process of maintenance of dedication and responsibility that has environmental, economic, social measure and surround of ethics on responsible planning and management of resources. It needs individual and community as a whole to be independent and passionate to give dedication, commitment, consistency& responsibility towards building a sustainable future.

For us, growing our own food, gardening and eco green living is not about lifestyle but it’s a way of life. Its not for poseur such as following the current popular global trend or because it’s a popular subject people talked about, or its cool to grow and eat organic, or becoming hip trend when consuming more eco-green product, hybrid cars, foldable bikes etc.

Why we grow our own food is because it’s beyond what consumerism or our current system can offer. It’s about self-govern and spirit of DIY. Its about…

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